Tipsy Scoop

Happy Wine Wednesday! Today we’re reviewing a literally, cool spot in NYC called Tipsy Scoop! 🍦What’s so great about it? This isn’t just any old ice cream parlor. This is ice cream infused with alcohol (& yes! If you eat too much you WILL BE TIPSY!). A serving of Tipsy scoop is up to 5% alcohol, so about as much as a beer. Tipsy Scoop is located 217 east 26th St. The nearest substop is on the 4/6 line at 28th street. Can’t make it to NYC? No worries, they ship easily to NY, NJ, PA, and CT. Other shipping options are available for areas outside these states. Check them out

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It’s just as delicious as it looks!

Ps. If it’s around the time of your birthday you get a free birthday shot, your choice of flavor!👍🏼

Not only do they serve scoops of ice cream, they also have birthday cakes, ice cream sandwiches, pints, tubs, and for all you vegans, sorbet. 🙂 Definitely add Tipsy Scoop to your list of places to hit up! Perhaps even today, as it’s 70F outside.



Galentine’s Day

As Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, here at  It’s Senorita Timewe like to celebrate this holiday a little differently. Traditionally, Valentine’s Day is celebrated between couples. But ask yourself this question: Who’s there for you when you have a bad day, feeling fat (even though you so aren’t), or having guy troubles? YOUR GIRLFRIENDS! Your girlfriends deserve to be celebrated on Valentine’s day just as much as any guy. For all the ladies out there we made this special post just for you. Here are a few ways you can celebrate your girls!

1.) No Galentine’s day would be complete without a good bottle of pink bubbly! Gruet Brut Rose California Sparkling is great tasting and great for your budget! ($17.99 at

✨Whoops ✨👼🏼👼🏻 🥂🍾 drank the whole thing….. 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️😂 Happy FRI-YAY! We made it!! Time to live our best lives and celebrate! 🎊 Who here has ever accidentally polished off an entire bottle of wine on their own? 🙋🏼🙋🏻 We've all probably been there at one time or another. Name one bottle you could easily finish yourself ! Our pick of the day is the featured pic: Sparkling Gruet Rosé. Priced just right and tantalizing on the palate, you'll easily come back for another glass or two…..or three, four… 😇 . . . . #friday #friyay #wine #winenot #rosé #roséallday #yeswayrosé #wino #vino #vinho #sparkling #champagne #prosecco #wineblog #wineblogger #blog #blogger #wineenthusiast #flashbackfriday #itssenoritatime #luxurylifestyle #luxlife #winenight #winelover #luxurious #nyc #la #miami #fortlauderdale #amazoninfluencer

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2.) Stay in and watch your favorite movies together. Have everyone bring a bottle of wine or snack they enjoy. Another alternative is ordering in your favorite take out.

3.) But if you’re like us you’ll want to take your Galentine’s Day to the next level! We’re talking decorations, party favors, wine making, and prosecco pong! Below are some ideas for creating the perfect, ladies only, Galentine’s Day Party:
Some really great products right? How are you celebrating? Comment or send us a message


Amanda and Christina 💃🏼💃🏻


ONEHOPE wines originate from a vineyard in Rutherford AVA in Napa Valley. ONEHOPE is currently in the process of building out a tasting room and private estate for their future winery. We tried two blends from ONEHOPE, the first a Cabernet Sauvignon, the second, a Chardonnay. The señoritas would like to report the following:

Cabernet Sauvignon: The fruit is obvious, you will smell plum right away, also heavier on the black and blue fruit, possibly black current or pomegranate. There is also a pleasant spice that hits you, we would go with cinnamon, and maybe a hint of nutmeg. On the palette it tastes like chocolate what a tasty delight! We would classify this one as “off dry”. Additionally, there are some almost medicinal undertones towards the end, perhaps clove on the finish. We would recommend pairing this wine with dessert!

Chardonnay: Light color and body. Tasting notes of pineapple, banana, toasted coconut, baked apple and vanilla bean. Creamy soft and juicy with a semisweet finish. We recommend paring this one with a pork or a rich fish like salmon. These wines help fund clinical trials to find the cure for breast cancer, so support a good cause and have a drink. Cheers!


The Señoritas

-Amanda & Christina-

Metzker Family Estate Wines

Metzker Family Estates is a small family winery in the heart of Napa Valley, California. Their dedication is centered around exquisite, single-vineyard wines.

We were lucky enough to try three of their blends: Rosé of Syrah, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. Here are our thoughts:

Rose: The pleasant scent of strawberry is immediate. There is also quite a bit of floral here but a deeper sweeter floral, perhaps violet. As far as fruit, lychee and overripe apricots come to mind. No spice. Very bright on the palette, upbeat acidity. Grapefruit is abundant, followed by undertones of strawberry skins. Definitely a dry wine, and slight tannins because of the deep color.

Chardonnay: Honeyed overripe melon and citrus on the nose. The palate is delicately oaked, medium-full bodied with hints of nectarine, lychee, peach and grapefruit. Great balance across the palate with a smooth buttery texture. Medium minus acidity and delicate touches of white pepper, apple and honey biscuit dance across a lengthy finish.

Pinot Noir: If you’re not a red wine person this is surely the one to flip you! Upon the first sip we were blown away. So smooth and earthy, tastes like fresh picked berries– predominantly cherries and strawberries. Beautiful color, a bright ruby tone. Finishes with a vibrant acidity that calls for another sip.

We raise our glasses to Metzker! Cheers!


Amanda & Christina aka The Señoritas 💃🏻💃🏼

2018! New Year WINOlutions with Winetraveler’s Greig Santos-Buch

Hello fellow Winos! HAPPY NEW YEAR!! This week we’ve partnered up with Greig Santos-Buch of (@winederlust and @winetraveler_com on Instagram).

We love Greig and are so excited to finally be collaborating with him. Greig is the Chief Executive Officer of Presently, he holds WSET level II certification in wine. He is also a Merit Sommelier and owns and operates several brands focusing on the wine and travel verticals, including Sommelier Q&A and

This love for the #saltlife runs deep.

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Additionally, Greig meets with producers, wine innovators and travel entrepreneurs around the world, learning to help improve the wine tourism experience. In his spare time, you can find him out on the water, or traveling somewhere new. How cool is Greig?

So we asked Greig, what are your 2018 WINOlutions:

“For 2018, I have some big dreams in the wine world.

Here are my top 3:

First, I want to continue expanding my palate and nose with new flavors and aromas. That means tasting and smelling new objects that I haven’t experienced before that have nothing to do with wine. Whether it’s walking through home depot, or trying new fruits or vegetables, I want to add more tasting notes to my repertoire in order to be best prepared for the world of wine and travel.

Second, I want to travel to Switzerland and visit all of its major wine regions. This country has always appealed to me because of its natural beauty. Traveling there and tasting through it is a major bucket list item. I’d like to check that off in 2018.

Third, I would like to explore more of the wines coming from Hungary and Austria. These wines are very difficult to find here in the US. I’d like to understand these better.”

Wow. These are amazing wine goals.

What are your 2018 WINOlutions?


Amanda and Christina

Brunello di Montalcino Fattoria La Lecciaia 2009 Sangiovese

Ah, the beautiful country of Italy: We adore your architecture, history, and landscapes. Oh yes, and of course your food and wine. However, not today.

Now when you make a bold statement, we also realize that you must back it up with cold hard facts.

Fact No. 1: According to Kerin O’Keefe, wine writer for Wine Enthusiast Magazine “My tasting of the 2009 vintage revealed that it was another challenging year in Montalcino, and the main problem was the weather. Scorching summer temperatures and a lack of rain dominated crucial phases of the growing season. As a result, most wines are prematurely evolved…” which leads in to our second point

Fact No. 2: Bad grapes🍇 = Bad wine.😡

In the opinion of Michel Rolland, Oenologist from Bordeaux “A great wine is the sum of a number of factors, the most important being the terroir, which gives the wine its character….” As we know terroir is much more than simply the ground upon which grapes are planted. The wine we drink is a culmination of weather, altitude, rainfall, nutrients, man made interventions, and soil composition to name a few elements. However, 2009 was not kind to Montalcino, which is reflective in their wine.

Initial Impressions: color is a medium tawny which is a characteristic of an aged Sangiovese. On the nose there are notes of dried hay, dried figs, and tobacco. When you first take a sip you quickly realize that this wine was probably at its peak a year or two ago. Medium tannins, bitter on the palate. To be fair, the cork was dry so we can’t really speak to how well it was stored. c’est la vie. Wish we could report back with a more favorable review but, unfortunately this wine just isn’t performing well. Save your money and check out a different vintage such as a 2007, if Brunellos are a wine you enjoy.

Xoxo, ❤️

Amanda and Christina


St. Mayhem Hückfest Craft Wine Cooler

Looking for something convenient, travel friendly, and festive for the holidays? Look no further: St. Mayhem Hückfest Craft Wine Cooler (13.1% alcohol) will be your new favorite canned wined. This is a blend of 49% Syrah, 35% Mourvedre, and 16% Grenache from Amador County. The wine was spiced with cloves, cinnamon, orange peel, almond extract, ginger, nutmeg, and blueberries. This is the second canned wine we’re reviewing and we have to admit, not bad at all! 👍🏼👍🏼 This canned wine cooler is perfect for ski trips, holiday day outings, or bonfires with friends. When we first took a sip we were pleasantly surprised that this wine isn’t sweet at all! It’s a dry wine with pleasant elements of spice. Perfect for the casual wine drinker, pick up a box today! The limited release product will be available in 250ml two-pack cans retailing for $12.00. You can purchase directly from St. Mayhem and get 4 cans for $24.00. Purchase here.

Amanda and Christina💃🏼💃🏻