Rosé All Day! 5 Things you may not know!

Hola Señoritas!

In celebration of Wine Not Wednesday I thought it would be appropriate to post about one of my favorite types of wine: Rosé

Until recently, maybe in the last few years (2014), Rosé was considered a fairly blasé drink. It wasn’t until it took off on Instagram that it became more “in Vogue.” In fact, Vogue actually wrote an article about its newfound popularity. 

Second thing you should know about rosé:

You don’t make Rosé by mixing white wine and red wine. It is primarily made from red wine grapes that are not allowed to “soak” for as long as true Reds.


Any red wine grape can be made in to Rosé! There isn’t a specific region or grape variety that makes a Rosé wine. This type of wine can be made anywhere!


In 2015 there was a Rosé shortage in the Hamptons. Christina and I were there, it was insane. Absolutely Insane. Seriously! 

And Finally. 

If you ever get your hands on Clairet wine, it’s a great buy. Trust Christina and Me! This is a gem of a Rosé with a beautiful color! 

That’s it Señoritas! Enjoy your Wine Not Wednesday!! Comments? Use the comment section below! Christina and I love to hear from you.

Señorita Amanda 

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