Bonterra Organic Vineyards

¡ Hola Señoritas !

Are you someone who loves red wine but can’t tolerate the inevitable migraine that always seems to follow the next day? I was like that until I found Bonterra! An organic wine brand you can find at Wholefoods. A good friend introduced me to it a few years ago.

Their Pinot Noir is my absolute favorite. It’s easy to drink, and so versatile. It pairs well with pasta or any meat dish, and of course my favorite, dark chocolate. I find drinking this one on its own is quite a treat in itself!

The Zinfandel is a bit more full-bodied but nevertheless delicious. I had this with a rack of lamb once, it was the perfect compliment.

Lastly can we talk about the Merlot? I want to start a campaign to bring back Merlot! With its black cherry aroma and mouthwatering flavors I promise you’ll change your perspective which may have been influenced by the cult movie “Sideways”.

Have a great week everybody!

Abrazos // Señorita Christina

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