It’s Fri-yay!!! 4 Fun Ideas for a Night In.

Hola Señoritas! 

Happy Fri-yay! What are your plans for tonight?  

Spring is upon us. However, right now in the northeast it’s still a little chilly and rainy, the perfect weather for a cozy night in. Here are four ideas to try out:

Have a BYOB wine tasting. Invite your friends over and suggest everyone bring a different bottle of wine they haven’t tried before. Prepare different cheeses, charcuterie, olives, and crackers to compliment the wines. 

Host a spa night. Facemasks, mani-pedis, and champagne, of course! The perfect way to spend a weekend night in with your besties. Need I say more?

Try a new recipe. Saw a zucchini pasta recipe with wild mushrooms on Pinterest? Want to try a new version of Sangria? Go for it.  Here’s a fun drink recipe to try: 

This is our  take on a Spanish drink called Agua de Valencia:

You’ll need champagne glasses, blood orange juice, Rosé Cava (it’s basically spanish sparkling wine. If you can’t find it in stores, any dry Rosé sparkling wine or champagne will work), vodka and/or gin.

Fill your glass half way with Cava.

Add 1 shot of gin, vodka, or a combination or the two.

Top off your glass with the blood orange juice.

This is a delicious, light, and refreshing drink you must try! 

Break out the board games and cards. Remember that game you used to play as a kid? Does Operation or Jenga ring a bell? Hungry Hungry Hippos? How about Candy Land or Monopoly? Why not Go Fish or Blackjack? Poker? Reliving your childhood with your favorite wine in hand is never a boring night in, especially if you’re with the right company. 

No matter what your plans entail always remember to spend quality time with those close to you (including the furry ones)! Sometimes with the hustle and bustle of life we lose touch with our friends and family. Reach out to them, plan a fun night in, and enjoy the presence of their company


The Señoritas

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