Wine-Not Review 3 Wines

Happy Wine Not Wednesday, Señoritas!!! 

Grab your favorite bottle of vino, kick back, and relax. You earned it! Or if you’re on the hunt to try something new, why not try our top 3 wine picks of the week! 

Jaume Serra Cristalino Rosé Brut $8.99 at

We originally purchased this wine from our local Whole Foods Market. If you’ve seen our post from last week (Friyay) this is the Rosé Cava we used for the drink recipe Agua de Valencia.  

This is a very clean smooth tasting Rosé Cava. The bubbles are more moderate in intensity; not too diminutive and not too aggressive; just right. There are pleasant notes of strawberries and cherries. The color is a beautiful pinkish red. This wine is a GREAT BUY, try it tonight! 

Broadbent Vinho Verdé Rosé. $9.99 We originally purchased this wine at Whole Foods Market for $8.99

This very affordable wine blew us away! Or maybe it was the surprising light bubbles commingle with the smoothness on our palate. The bubbles from the Vinho Verde wine is because of carbon dioxide release during the malolactic fermentation process. This rosé wine is made exclusively from red grapes in Portugal. Effervescent and refreshing with a light body, this might be your new go to wine (By the way like our wine glass? That’s Señorita Amanda’s dog pictured. So cute!)

Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc. $12.99 But may be found at BottleKing, BuyRite, or other fine retailers.

So smooth and clean with hints of citrus. When you first smell this wine it’ll make you think of a beautiful bouquet of fragrant herbs. This will go great with seafood or a light summer salad. But I just drink it on its own, it’s that good!  It is an excellent reasonably priced wine. 

We hope you all enjoy your Wine Not Wednesday! Be sure to keep your eyes open for these wines in a store near you (or you may request them with your local liquor store. Many private businesses are willing to take customer requests in to consideration). 

Hugs and kisses, 

The Señoritas

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