Boxed Wine: To be or not to be?

Boxed wine, taboo or socially acceptable? Well the Señoritas say, if you’re on a budget why not, you just have to find the right brand. On this topic we would like to give Black Box Wines a shoutout! First of all, the packaging is sleek and modern, unlike what you would typically expect from a boxed wine. The brand has a wide array of choices from Malbec to Riesling. You can find Black Box wines at your local supermarket or liquor store.

Another Señorita favorite is Bota Box. If you had to do a blind taste test you wouldn’t believe it came out of a box! Boasting a large selection of wines, you can be sure to find something that will tickle your tastebuds here.

We love to hear from you so if you have any recommendations on boxed wine be sure to share and leave us a comment below!


The Señoritas

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