Happy Easter and Passover! How about a little Señoritaa Sangriaaa!?

¡Hola Señoritas! 

Happy Easter and Passover season! This is a special time of year where we celebrate family, new beginnings, miracles, and of course: Wine (Four cups to be exact if you celebrate Passover)!!

But once the festivities have ended, what do you do with all that left over Cabernet or  Manischewitz?? Fear not!! No wine shall go to waste! We have come up with the perfect Sangria recipe.

What you will need:

Sangria pitcher

750mL of red wine (that’s the size of a standard wine bottle)

1/4 cup Plum brandy (comes in Kosher)

1 cup orange juice

2 oranges; cut into slices. Save some for garnish. 

3/4 cup halved and pitted cherries (may use  frozen)

2 limes cut in to quarters

1 lemon cut in to slices

1 apple cut in to cubes

Top with club soda or lemon lime soda (optional)

Directions: Take your cherries, apples, lemon, orange slices, and place them in your pitcher. Pour the wine, orange juice, and plum brandy on top. Take your lime wedges and squeeze them into the mixture. Discard wedges into the pitcher. Stir. Top off with club or lemon lime soda. Refrigerate for 1-2 hours. When ready to serve fill a large wine glass with ice, pour Sangria on top, including desired amount of fruit. Garnish with an orange slice. 

Tip: if using Manischewitz wine (which is sweet) top the Sangria with club soda. If using lemon lime soda, some may find the Sangria to be too sweet. If using a dry, less sweet wine; top with the lemon lime soda. 

We hope that you enjoy this Easter and Passover Friendly recipe! Try it out and let us know what you think. We love hearing from you. 


The Señoritas

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