River Lebu Reserve Chardonnay 2012

Sometimes you’re in the mood for something a little oaky, a little citrus, and a little fresh. Enter Please River Lebu Reserve Chardonnay 2012. This Chilean wine is a real show stopper. I wasn’t sure what to expect when purchasing this wine but was pleasantly surprised! 

Like my mother’s Yorkie statue ? 😁

This wine reminds me more of a Sauvignon Blanc than a California Chardonnay. So if you’re in the market to try something new this might be it! Also this wine has legs to die for 😉 💃🏼💃🏻. Go ahead and give this Chilean wine a try and at about $11.00 what’s not to love? 💛 

This wine will go great with some pork, heavier fish (think Salmon) vegetarian, or Chicken (like rotisserie 🍗 chicken, yea….mmmmm). 


The Señoritas 💃🏼💃🏻

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