Conundrum California White Wine 

We first fell in love with Conundrum (Red) one cold winter night at Henrys End in Brooklyn Heights. An incredible hidden treasure, and a 5-star meal if you ever are in the area. Conundrum also makes a rosé hooray! Most definitely on the to-try list next. 
For those of you who enjoy the rich, the buttery, the oak, let me introduce you to Conundrum California White Wine. This is a blend of white wine but immediately strikes you as a Chardonnay with its medium body and earthy flavors.  Aromas of tangerine and honeysuckle are captivating as you swirl your glass and inhale deeply. The color is golden and rich. At $17.99 it’s priced right. Might we mention this is a twist off, no cork, however it doesn’t seem to make a difference in the taste what so ever.
Would pair excellent with cheese, olives and charcuterie. For meals, go for the seafood or spicy cuisine (Señorita style! 💃🏻😉) Serve chilled and enjoy!


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