Adi Paso Robles California 2016 Rosé

Recently we were sent two beautiful bottles of Rosé from the Paso Robles Based Vineyard Abigail Adams. (Thank you!!) This wine is 100% Syrah grapes and by their nature is a more savory type wine that will hold up well to BBQ and chili; spicier dishes.

Initial impressions: pretty pink color with fragrance of light citrus, woods, and a hint of red berries.

Initial tasting: this is a dry wine with medium acidity and body. Subtle notes of strawberries, cranberries, with a lingering after taste.

Serve this wine slightly warmer than fridge temperature. This brings out more of the flavors.

You can purchase this wine directly from Abigail Adams at

This wine retails for $25.00


The Señoritas


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