Waerator Instant Wine Aerator

We love #roseallday but with fall 🍁🍂 upon us, it is inevitable that we will occasionally trade in our signature pink drink for a nice glass of red! ❤️🍷 Most red wines require aerating, meaning they need to breathe before enjoying. By exposing the wine to oxygen it allows the wine to settle and opens up the flavors.

One option is to let the wine sit in your glass for a few minutes before drinking, but that would be a rookie move, not to mention boring! 😴 . A new wine aerator on the market is Waerator: The Instant Wine Aerator. Thank you Waerator for sending us your product!

After opening the box you simply remove the cover and place 4 AAA batteries into the compartment. Then attach the long tube, place the Waerator into your favorite red wine bottle, get your glass ready, press the button on the top, and voila! It’s very easy to use and assemble. We tried this on The Riddler, a California Red.

You can instantly taste ​the difference, we were blown away at how much lighter and more pure the aerated wine tasted in contrast to the original pour. Although, TheRiddler is delicious on it’s own, we were amazed at how the Waerator transformed this wine to the next level. The wine felt more round on the palette and had a much cleaner finish. Essentially, it reduces the tannins so you don’t feel that bitter aftertaste and can further enjoy the aromas 👃🏻and flavors 👅 of the wine itself.

The Waerator would make a lovely gift for your fellow wino (Birthday? Christmas? Chanukah?) 🎁🍷🎊 It’s compact, easily portable, and stylish. It comes in two colors: Red or black.

Purchase it here: www.waerator.com

Happy Aerating! Xoxo // The Senoritas Amanda + Christina 💃🏼💃🏻

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