Perfect White Wine for Family Parties 🎉

The holidays have quickly arrived and in less than two weeks Thanksgiving will be here 🦃. If your families are anything like ours (loving, boisterous, and consumers of large quantities of vino 🍷) you’ll want to be well prepared! We recommend having a a fun white wine and a bold red, so most palettes can be catered to.

The last trip we made to the liquor store we came across a great buy! A Portuguese classic: VINHO VERDE

Vinho Verdes will be your friend this holiday season, especially with large and at times hectic family get togethers. Bonus! They’re pretty inexpensive! Most bottles are $7.00-12.00.

Vinho Verde is light, crisp, and effervescent. The wine is fruity and fun but not cloyingly sweet. Similar to Pinot Grigio but less acidity. Will work well with turkey dishes, cranberry, and even Ham. Vinho Verdes typically have lower alcohol levels (Seen as low as 7.5-11%) which means you can probably get away with drinking more. Thus, making this wine long family party friendly 😅 (let’s face it: we all have that one family member who ruins every single get together, you know who you are! 😒).

We purchased the one we were enjoying at Whole Foods Market. However, be sure to explore your local wine store for varieties near you. Christina Esposito Amanda Goodwin Wine Blog Its Señorita Time Happy Thanksgiving 🍁


Amanda and Chistina


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