2018! New Year WINOlutions with Winetraveler’s Greig Santos-Buch

Hello fellow Winos! HAPPY NEW YEAR!! This week we’ve partnered up with Greig Santos-Buch of Winetraveler.com (@winederlust and @winetraveler_com on Instagram).

We love Greig and are so excited to finally be collaborating with him. Greig is the Chief Executive Officer of Winetraveler.com. Presently, he holds WSET level II certification in wine. He is also a Merit Sommelier and owns and operates several brands focusing on the wine and travel verticals, including Sommelier Q&A and Winederlusting.com.

This love for the #saltlife runs deep.

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Additionally, Greig meets with producers, wine innovators and travel entrepreneurs around the world, learning to help improve the wine tourism experience. In his spare time, you can find him out on the water, or traveling somewhere new. How cool is Greig?

So we asked Greig, what are your 2018 WINOlutions:

“For 2018, I have some big dreams in the wine world.

Here are my top 3:

First, I want to continue expanding my palate and nose with new flavors and aromas. That means tasting and smelling new objects that I haven’t experienced before that have nothing to do with wine. Whether it’s walking through home depot, or trying new fruits or vegetables, I want to add more tasting notes to my repertoire in order to be best prepared for the world of wine and travel.

Second, I want to travel to Switzerland and visit all of its major wine regions. This country has always appealed to me because of its natural beauty. Traveling there and tasting through it is a major bucket list item. I’d like to check that off in 2018.

Third, I would like to explore more of the wines coming from Hungary and Austria. These wines are very difficult to find here in the US. I’d like to understand these better.”

Wow. These are amazing wine goals.

What are your 2018 WINOlutions?


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