Cooler Kangaroo

Summertime ☀️ is quickly approaching and CoolerKangaroo has us covered with their stylish and functional wine cooler bags. This patented design was easy to use, we just filled the bag up with 1/3 of ice and popped in our favorite bottle of rosé. Good to go to the beach, a pool party, BBQ, you name it! Unlike a typical pre-frozen sleeve, the CoolerKangaroo won’t defrost. It requires no prep work, simply add ice, and a bit of water as well if you choose, and your wine will chill in minutes.

For the impatient ones out there, Cooler Kangaroo recommends adding a bit of salt with the ice and water if you want to go the extra mile and shoot for a rapid chill! ❄️❄️❄️

Not only is the CoolerKangaroo convenient for outdoor use but overall everyday functionality. It’s lightweight and easy to store for those seeking to save space. This would make an adorable gift for your fellow wine lover. You can find these bags sold on Amazon or directly here

AND For a limited time, starting tomorrow 4/12 – 4/15 CoolerKangaroo will be offering FREE SHIPPING on Amazon 😎

Visit their Facebook page to learn more

Hope you’re all having a Happy Wine Wednesday and we’re so glad we were able to share this awesome product with you this week!


The Señoritas


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