Three Olives Rosé Vodka Ice Popsicles

Summer is here and it’s time to enjoy a cool, refreshing treat! Try our Rosé Vodka popsicles this summer and you’re definitely going to be a hit at your next pool party! Bonus, they’re super easy to make. Anyone over 21 years of age can prepare and enjoy them.👍🏼

The inspiration: Since rosé vodka has now become “a thing” one of the first thoughts we had was, well, what the heck do we do with it!?! Other than mix it with soda water we were kinda stumped. Regardless, we were still pretty excited about the release of Three Olives Rosé Vodka. First of all, we love rosé (and who doesn’t?). In our early college days, we loved vodka (no judgement please!). After countless hours in the Señorita Test kitchen (aka Amanda’s Moms kitchen…Hi Mom!), We came up with a super simple, easy to follow recipe!

What you will need:

Popsicle molds

This is the style we used, however feel free to use ones that compliment your tastes, aesthetic and style.

Three Olives Rosé Vodka (2oz)

Coconut Water (8oz)

Ice (3 ice cubes, think your moms ice tray)

Raw organic agave nectar (continuous squirt for 3 seconds or about 3 oz)

Organic frozen strawberries (about 5 medium)


Combine all the ingredients in a blender until smooth. Pour contents into popsicle molds, leaving space at the top. This recipe makes about 6 popsicles. Freeze 6-8 hours or overnight.

TIP: Don’t get cute and try to add more alcohol! Alcohol and freezing simply don’t mix. If you add too much alcohol, the mixture won’t freeze and you’ll be left with rosé vodka slush 😡 Always try to follow a 1:4 alcohol to mixer ratio for the right consistency!

If you liked this recipe and want to see others like it, reach out to us in the comments section below, on instagram, or shoot us an email

Love you and Happy Popsicling,

The Senoritas 💃🏻💃🏼


Christina Glass and Amanda Goodwin

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