La Nuit en Rosé 2017

From May 18th-20th the Legendary Rosé wine festival La Nuit en Rosé was held for it’s fourth year in a row aboard the Hornblower Yacht. Rosé wine lovers from around the world came to pay homage to this famed, poschly pink, summer drink (or year round if you’re like Christina and I 😁). I attended the event with my close friend Roxanne. She is also an avid wine drinker and Rosé enthusiast.

We arrived at the Hornblower dock around 12:00pm for early boarding. Our fellow attendees were all dressed fabulously making sure to incorporate pink tastefully into their ensembles. We met one fellow enthusiast who even had a wine bottle 🍾 bag! The check in process was streamline with minimal wait time. Our IDs were checked, tickets scanned, and away we went. Upon boarding we were guided to the main level of the ship. My friend Roxanne’s exact words as she walked into the room were: “I’ve died and gone to Heaven.” 

Pompette offers two Rosé packages from the festival to purchase: French and International. If you can’t decide I say just get both!

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Boat full of Rosé

🌮WAS AMAZING. Two of my favorite types of food (Asian and Mexican) basically had a delicious little taco child (congratulations). The tuna was fresh, clean, and of superior quality. The wonton was fried to perfection and not in the least chewy or overly oily. The taco is drizzled in a delicate sauce which ties the dish together. I wish they had to-go containers. There was also another photo booth which made a passport type photo. As the afternoon proceeded, more and more people started to come on to the boat. Roxanne and I made it outside to the decks and in true New York fashion were greeted by beautiful sweeping views of the New York City Harbor (it was cloudy on Saturday but it was still nice 👍🏼)

Wish the sun came out 😔

Best Value: 2016 Domaine de Cala Rosé and Rosé Prestige.
When I first tried these wines I was immediately taken back by how pleasantly fragrant they were. I was then incredibly impressed when I found out the Rosé wine retails for under $20! Both these wines are exceptional and velvety smooth with clean finishes. The prestige has a bit more of a lemon sense to it and is aged in oak barrels for 3 months. A must try if you haven’t already. 👍🏼👍🏼
Best O

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Rosé All May

< r Wi already a fan of their Merlot so I was even more excited to try their Rosé. Dry, clean and fresh with fun notes of Strawberry. This is the perfect wine for a lazy afternoon picnic with friends (eating organically of course).  Priced right at about $18.00.

Best in Bubbles:  Vueve du Vernay Rosé This is the first wine I tried. Fine bubbles tickle the palate in just the right way. Smooth and creamy with notes of rose petals. One may think this is an expensive Champagne, but it’s not! <$10.00 at most retailers! You’d be crazy not to try it.

Best New to US market:

Domaine Casanova Gris Rosé 2016 The Corsican based wine company is currently trying to break in to the US wine market. I tried several of their wines along with pleasant conversation with Thierry Lemoine their Export Sales Director. Their Gris Rosé wine is my favorite. It is smooth and clean with a balanced acidity. Beautifully colored with a mild fruity taste and the smell of this wine has become a new favorite.

Best New Idea:  Allow me to Introduce Rosé Piscine. The only Rosé that is meant to be served on ice. Sounds crazy right? But I thought hey why not, let’s try this. I was pleasantly surprised. Slightly sweet with notes of nectarine this new wine might become your new favorite summer drink by the pool.

Best Local: (New York)Bridge Lane Rosé 2016.  This Rosé wine has a beautiful light color. It is fun and fruity with notes of guava, strawberry, and watermelon. Such a delightful and fun Rosé. Make sure to take this to your next backyard BBQ.

Best Small Vineyard:   I waited in line to meet Dan Glover, the owner and wine maker of L’Objet Wines. He is as warm and inviting as the Rosé he was offering that day. Although Dan is more of a Pinot Noir guy his La Femme Mystique Rosé 2016 does not disappoint. There is a slight sweetness to this wine which is pleasant with notes of strawberry and peach. A portion of La Femme Mystique sales are donated to the Malala Fund, an international organization working to see a world where every girl can complete 12 years safe education.

Best in VIP: Terlato never ceases to provide superior quality wines. These wines were meant to be paired with a selection of small plates. My hands down favorite is the Conde Valdemar Rosé 2016. Notes of strawberries and an overall nicely balanced Spanish Rosé made me want a second glass 😋. Try this wine with a variety of tapas sure to please the even the most discerning of Foodies.

This concludes my Favorites list. La Nuit en Rosé is a festival not to be missed. My friend and I had an incredible time. We want to thank all the Brand Representatives for their engagement, knowledge and conversation. Once next years date is set I know I’ll be marking my calander!


Señorita Amanda 💃🏼